Monte Leona started in this industry thru an unique opportunity to travel to Poland in 2011 where he worked for 2 years under the guidance and instruction of dedicated personnel in MVS Sp. Z.o.o. (Multi-vendor services). 

Monte returned to DSI in 2019 with a renewed energy to help promote and reshape the image of Digit Systems International with the position of Director of Business Development.

After his training in Poland Monte returned to a collaborative launch of InMedics Chile in 2013 which has grown into one of the leading third-party service companies in Chile with more than 40 systems under contract.

"I feel that my experiences both as a field service engineer, and as the CEO of a Service Company has given me the unique perspective of the medical equipment industry. I use my experience to understand the perspective and needs of our customers and to ensure that DSI is doing everything in our power to deliver on time and in the most cost-effective manner possible. Of course, in this industry, compromising on quality is just not an option."

Among hobbies, he enjoys gardening, hiking, camping, snowboarding, surfing, rafting and pretty much any and all other outdoor sports Monte enjoys spending time with family and travel.

"I would like to thank all of my family mentors, customers, and providers who have put their trust in me that allows me to grow into and fulfill my potential".

Monte Leona

Business Development Director